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TOBIB LEE SOLUTION is registered under GLOBAL TEE CONCEPT SDN.BHD. (1121961-P).

「Tobib Lee 李大夫」- focuses on traditional medical and health care brands. “Tobib Lee” founded the first caring center in Bandar Sunway state. With more than 10 years of clinical experience, the adoption of three combined treatment programs including traditional treatment, edible herb, personal tracking and assessment of health status significantly reduce the recurrence rate and effectively solve various rhinitis symptoms and eye diseases.

「Tobib Lee 李大夫」 different series health care products effectively cures several of health issues like rhinitis, eye disease, headache, insomnia, fatigue, blood pressure, blood sugar and etc. as it uses a large number of vitamins, fruit extraction, herbs and other natural ingredients which cater to customer’s needs.

「Tobib Lee 李大夫」will continue to promote different series of health care products, nutrition and traditional treatment procedures. To fulfill our mission of helping everyone towards a healthy and happy life, we provide customized plans to customers for the best treatment!

「Tobib Lee 李大夫」is formed by a professional team and nurse practitioner from PT&K (Perubatan Traditional & Complementary)college and holds a professional certification. With professional knowledge and many years of clinical experience, our nurse practitioner will provide proper treatment plan according to clients’ symptoms and there is a follow-up tracking assessment to each of them. 「Tobib Lee 李大夫」team is working to develop more treatment options to improve the quality of customer treatment care and reduce recurrence rates. We always put our customers’ health as our mission first.

「Tobib Lee 李大夫」continue to innovate and improve traditional treatment, health care products and professional nurse practitioner, we always ready listen to customers’ feedback and needs to achieve better service and 100% safety quality.

「Tobib Lee 李大夫」will develop and open more treatment centers in all major cities in future to create better accessibility to our customers. We always aim to provide a professional treatment, great environment and warm service to everyone and their family. With 「Tobib Lee 李大夫」, your life is better.